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Nidhi Rajoura & Associates – Law Firm, led by Adv. Nidhi Rajoura, a Criminal Lawyers in Delhi assisting with Bails and Trials representing at various forums including the District Court, Sessions Courts, High Courts & Supreme Court in Delhi, Our Criminal Lawyers specialize in criminal law and represent people in offences like Cheque Bounce, Fraud, Assault, Domestic Offences, Cyber Crime, Sexual Offences, White Collar Crimes and protect both their fundamental rights and legal interests. If you or your family member is falsely framed with charges of direct physical, emotional, or pecuniary harm because of the commission of crime our Criminal Defence Lawyers are committed to stand with you in your tough times and assist in protecting your legal from preventing your arrest with Anticipatory Bails and representing you during the trial our team of Criminal Lawyers in devoted to assist you overcome the challenging situations you face.

The main aspects of the Law Firms expertise in this field involve:

  • Bail, Anticipatory Bail and Quashing of FIR
  • Complaint by an NRI living abroad.
  • Cheque Bouncing case Negotiable instrument Act
  • Rape, Sexual Harassment. Matrimonial Rape, POCSO
  • Security Frauds and Cheating
  • Cheating, Forgery, Misappropriation, Extortion
  • Illegal Grabbing of Property
  • Bank Fraud
  • Bail in Murder Cases
  • Matrimonial Offences
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8 Years Of Experience In Various Cases

Welcome to Nidhi Rajoura & Associates, where experience meets excellence. With over 8 years of dedicated practice, Adv Nidhi Rajoura, our lead attorney, has built a legacy of legal expertise and unwavering commitment to justice.

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Welcome To Nidhi Rajoura & Associates

Bail, Anticipatory Bail and Quashing of FIR

Under what circumstances a Person can be granted bail.

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Cheque Bouncing case Negotiable instrument Act

Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

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Complaint by an NRI living abroad

Seeking Legal Assistance for NRIs. Our team of experienced lawyers specializes in addressing the legal concerns of NRIs.

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Sexual Harassment, Rape

Compassionate Legal Support for Survivors: Fighting Against Sexual Harassment, Rape, and POCSO Offenses

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Security Frauds and Cheating

Defending Your Financial Rights: Expertise in Security Frauds and Cheating Cases

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Bail in Murder Cases

Advocating for Your Freedom: Expert Bail Representation in Murder Cases. Consult Now to get Best.

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Cheating, Forgery

Expert Representation in Cheating, Forgery, Misappropriation, and Extortion Cases. Contact Now for Best Result.

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Illegal Grabbing of Property

Protecting Your Property Rights: Expert Legal Representation Against Illegal Property Grabbing. Consult Now.

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Commercial Litigation

Commercial cases require attorneys with a deep understanding of business practices, industry-specific regulations, and a strategic approach to dispute resolution.

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Matrimonial Criminal Offences

Navigating the Intersection of Matrimony and Criminal Law: Expert Representation for Matrimonial Criminal Offenses

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Our Services

Criminal Lawyer in Delhi

Experienced criminal lawyer in Delhi. Navigating legal complexities, ensuring justice. Trust our expertise for your defense.

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Bail Lawyer

Your trusted bail lawyer in Delhi. Rapid legal support, strategic defense planning. Count on us for timely resolution of bail concerns.

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Child Custody Lawyer

Expert child custody lawyer in Delhi. Advocating for parental rights with compassion and expertise. Your child's well-being is our priority.

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Matrimonial Dispute

Premier Corporate Lawyer in Delhi. Strategic counsel, legal proficiency for business success. Trust us for tailored solutions and reliable representation.

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Cyber Crime Case

Premier corporate Advocate in Delhi. Strategic counsel, legal proficiency for business success. Trust us for tailored solutions and reliable representation.

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Dowry Harrasment

Swift and effective cheque bounce lawyer in Delhi. Protect your financial interests with our expert legal representation.

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Cost Effective

Appropriate and cost-effective legal solutions for all your legal issues through Consultation, Litigation and Legal Documentation

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Protection of Rights and Interests

We ensure that your rights are protected and your interests are aptly represented through our experienced set of Lawyers.

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Result Oriented

Our team is result-oriented, and we strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

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